RDLA, Los Angeles

Managing Director, ECD

RDLA produces excellent work. Their years of design and development expertise, track record in working with clients of all sizes, adaptability and cost efficiency are outstanding. They are also very familiar with Kyocera and how we operate, which allows them to work faster and with more flexibility than larger agencies. We are proud to partner with them.
— Scott Dveris Digital Marketing Manager Kyocera Communications, Inc.
Michael knows how to lead his creative team to design the right emotive connection for a specific target market. I’ve worked with Michael on several projects across an array of industries. He continues to refine his process for unlocking interactive designs that engage people and build their desire to connect with a brand. Michael explores creative ideas with a scientific rational. He is an expert at using the color image scale to solicit specific feelings about a brand. He is also well versed in creating personas to help identify opportunities and user needs. Furthermore, he is a man of integrity with a passion for delivering great designs.
— Ed Burgueno User Experience Strategist / Director of Interactive Design
It`s been an absolute pleasure to work with and for Michael since I met him in London in 2001. Not only did I always found him inspirational as a photographer and founder of RDLA but also as a commissioner who gives photographers the freedom and support to achieve the highest outcome. I can highly recommend Michael.
— Elke Bock, photographer
I worked with Michael for 2+ years while managing Kyocera’s Interactive team. Throughout that time, he lead his agency to provide great service and outstanding creative execution that consistently came in under budget. Michael is deft in his ability to produce effective solutions to business needs on a moment’s notice
— Peter Burns, Senior Manager, Qualcomm
Working with Michael and RDLA is one of the few worry-free experiences I have had in this industry. When I hand a project over to Michael and his team, I know that unparalleled creativity will abound and be balanced by clear, logical process. In the end, both the company and the client win through collaboration with Michael Holmes and the team at RDLA.
— Don Lupo, Leading Digital Development at Dailey

NextLeft, Los Angeles

Vice President, Creative Director

Michael had no problem hopping on an plane bound for Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila, Paris and Helsinki on very short notice to capture 360º environmental panoramic images. We used the images in the 2004 Global Forum Nokia Developer Campaign, real mobile developers in their real environments in an effort to push marketing and awareness.
— Troy Harrison, Creative Director Valiant Media
I thoroughly enjoyed working for Michael. He combines strong trust in his designers which gives them the freedom to be great with a firm mentoring guidance that consistantly gets the best out of his people.
— Jonathan Deiss, Executive Creative Director, Beachbody
Michael’s work as Creative Director at NextLeft was outstanding. His ability to work with clients through the creative process is phenomenal. His Breadth of creative knowledge and experience is tremendous.
— Larry Root, Head of Web Development, Armor Games
Michael and I worked together on several projects at NextLeft. He has an incredibly unique and proven approach to Visual Design. Even though my work was parallel to the Visual Design team he worked with all of us at Next Left as both an experienced guide and a man in the trenches. His leadership promoted loyalty in his creative team. In my professional career I have learned a great deal but Michael taught me more about strategic and flexible approaches to UI Design than I have ever learned before, especially his unique approach to Color Theory. He is a pleasure to work with, loaded with talent and business sense as well.
— Allison Burgueno, User Experience Architect/Customer Experience Strategy
Michael offers a unique blend of strategic thinking and creative flair that is rare in this industry. His innovative work in photography, color theory and brand development make him an asset for anyone in search of the next Big Idea.
— Nick Collier, Partner & Creative Strategy, Collier.Simon
I had the pleasure of working with Michael Holmes for about 3 years at NextLeft. His exceptional creativity, intelligence and mastery of visual design were key factors in our collective success. His use of the Color Image Scale to lead clients through design, branding and identity projects was brilliant and represented a unique and compelling approach. Michael gets 2 thumbs up from me!
— Jason Widmann, Director of User Experience at Stellar - Digital Design Agency

Digitas UK, London

Vice President, User Experience

One of the smartest people I have had the pleasure of working with! Michael demonstrates daily the potency of being able to use left brain and right brain simultaneously. A true self starter who not only conceives ideas but also can execute. One of the really great things about Michael is his understanding of differing cultures and practices. He takes all of this knowledge and experience and fuses it all together and delivers the sharp, clear and effective solutions he has become successful at. Michael is one of the people I would definitely enjoy working with again.
— Roi Brooks, VP Digitas UK

SapientRazorfish, Tokyo

Vice President, Design

Michael Holmes was a mentor to me in learning the business of graphic design, both as a client of mine and as my team leader at iXL Japan KK. We collaborated on many projects, and Michael’s disciplined approach to client work created superior quality products and great client relationships.

My key learning was Michael’s insistence on dividing client work into functional (i.e., how does it work? what does it do?) and visual (i.e., how does it look? how does the user feel about it?) phases. This innovation, which I believe adds extraordinary value to any design discussion, has become an indispensable part of my consulting tool kit.

While I am not a visual designer (I focus primarily on business development and project management aspects of the design process), using Michael’s framework generates enormous client trust and therefore opens up creative potential for the designer. I am certain that designers who work with Michael are amazed at how their projects smoothly move through client approval. It’s not an accident!

In addition to his passion for great work, Michael is a warm and caring human being, with empathy for those like myself who need to be cajoled into higher levels of performance. I consider myself truly lucky to have met Michael at a point in my career when I was open to his teaching.
— Karl Pisor, General Manager at YK English Adventure

SapientRazorfish, NYC

Senior UX Lead

Mr. Holmes is an excellent manager, who repeatedly demonstrates the ability to coordinate and motivate large project teams. His mentorship in user interface design has remained tremendously useful to me for many years. His facility with both UI and aesthetic design affords a broad and authoritative expertise in the interactive space.
— John Ferrara, Senior User Experience Designer at Vanguard

Agency.com, Dallas

Creative Director

Working with Michael was always fun. He is bright in both technology and design. Often times Michael would be called on to cover the job that was in crisis and every time he came back with the client loving the work. He is a rare mix of talent and excellent personal skills. It was always fun when we were able to work together on assignments.
— Chris Briggs, Creative Director at Verizon Digital Media Services
Michael Holmes was Creative Director on the inaugural Disneylandparis.com site localised for 5 countries. He displayed exceptional technical knowledge and was an extremely disciplined, efficient project manager.
— Christina Thurn, Digital Content, Marketing & Sales Exec